Vaping: Is it harmless??

About The Speakers


Stamford Vaping Task Force, 

committee of Stamford Youth Services

Emma Goldberg is a student activist, leader, innovative problem solver, and proud woman in STEM as a rising freshman at Tulane University (just graduated from AITE). She has a passion for the biological sciences, public health, and making a difference in her community through service learning. At school, she is involved in the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) as a member of their executive board. Her involvement in the task force began in summer of 2020 when she heard about it during a MYLC meeting. Since then, Emma has worked alongside her peers to create a vaping prevention presentation for middle school audiences. The team has worked to make vaping prevention throughout Fairfield County more effective, relatable, and consistent. Emma looks forward to her next four years studying public health and biology, while ending out a chapter at AITE and in MYLC.

Rocco Lucia When given the opportunity to make an impact on the surrounding community through educating other students, educators, and parents on the negative effects of nicotine and vapes on children, I took it without second thought. As a student myself, I always liked when presenters were other students my age, it made it more relatable. By having three high school students who have seen vaping first hand throughout middle school and now our high school career, it was so important to us to bring awareness to the dangers nicotine can cause. The Stamford Vaping Task Force does just that. I couldn't ask for a better team to help develop plans and outreach to the community and help us students turn an idea into a reality!

Samantha Samuel, an AITE junior and student activist, is committed to social change and passionate about reaching communities through public service. Driven by the idea that possibilities are endless and that the evolution of change isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, she does not cease to strive for change. She is actively involved with her local food pantry, which she co-founded with two additional students, as well as the Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC), where she sits on the executive board. So when she heard about the vaping task in summer of 2020, she leapt at the chance to help a vulnerable group who had become blinded by the vast popularity of vaping. Having been working with the SPS Vaping task force for almost a year, she hopes that the efforts of her and her two lovely counterparts go a long way in combating vaping in adolescents.

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